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The Touchstone of Ra

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    So here we are. The end (?) at least for the cast we've grown attached to over 3 seasons. I wonder if the 3 newbies will be our leads in season 4 if a season 4 were to occur. Dexter isn't half bad but that new chicklooks like she's going to get around more than any of our previous cast (and that's saying something)

    Victor's departure was the hardest to watch, he's a great and complex character. I don't think they could findan Anubiscaretaker that could drop a pin better than old Rudenmean, er I mean Rodenmaar.

    But that wasn't the only refreshing shocker, Mara finally pulled her head out of her ascot and realized what was going on around her, though barely anythingwasexplained to her. Sibuna is usually very unnecessarily secretive, you'd think they'd trust their fellow housemates just a bit more, especially when it only takes them 5 seconds to welcome in Sophia. Enjoyed Alfie's line about the ad though.

    Jeroy is endgame, Waflie is endgame (sorry Amber), Peddie is endgame, and....*drumroll* Mabian is endgame! (YEA SUCK IT FABINA)

    And that's that, until we meet again Anubians. You know, if anyone reads this.

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