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Nathalia Ramos will NOT be returning for Season 3 :/

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    So I'm not sure how many of you heard the good news/bad news thing, so I'll say it. Good News: House of Anubis got renewed for a third season! Bad News: NATHALIA RAMOS ISN'T COMING BACK AS NINA MARTIN! She is focusing on her studies right now and I'm guessing school and being on the show are conflicitng with each other. You can check a tweet she made on twitter for confirmation.

    This leads to a lot of questions: What will happen to Fabina? Who will be the main focus of the show? Will Season 3 be as strong without Nathalia? Who's Victor going to focus his hate on now? So I'm guessing without the main character, Season 3 will be completely different from its worldwide counterparts?

    So I've heard a few things:

    Miranda Cosgrove will be a character named "Anna" to replace Nathalia's "Nina" (it's a huge rumor of course and I doubt it's true, but it makes sense if iCarly really is going to end after season 6, it'll be weird to see her on here though and have her integrate with the cast, but I guess it could also be interesting).

    Eddie should be the focus of the show since he's the Osirian and his dad did tell him he had a lot to learn at the end of season 2 (I could see this working actually. I believe I'd prefer this much more than adding a new character. I guess Eddie/Patricia would become the main couple with Fabina being out of the picture).

    Season 3 should be a prequel to the series. So we could show things before Nina ever got there in the first place. (Now this is something I could also go for. Having a prequel would be great I think! I mean idk how the mysteries would be incorporated since that stuff only started happening since Nina got there, but I'm sure the creators could work things out. Plus, it could give time for Nathalia to maybe come back if the show got renewed for a season 4? Only thing is that if season 3 is a prequel, Eddie won't be on it, so we'd be losing both stars).

    Nina would just be played by a different actress. (No...just no...)

    People are also saying that season 3 should just film when Nathalia has time to do it. This may mean shortening the season up a bit, and probably changing it to airing an episode once a week, but I could deal with that as well. I really do like Nathalia and it sucks she won't be on the third season.

    Extra Comments:

    With Nathalia gone, how do you think they should fill the void her character will leave?

    How would you do season 3?

    All I know is that Fabian better mention he is in a long distance relationship with Nina or something because he and Joy better not end up together!

    That is all!

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    I've always hated Nina's character, so far season 3 has been extremely pleasant with Eddie as our main character, KT is a tad annoying though

    I also like Joy and Fabian much better, but unfortunately I'm getting a tad annoyed that Joy's sole purpose on this show is to be obsessed with Fabian, other than her kidnapping in s1 and her brief plot of no one liking her in s2 (which had to do with Fabian) she has gotten. 2nd most useless after Mara (who still is clueless about the Anubis mysteries)

    Denby could make a good villain, but I'm still wondering wtf happened to Vera, gaping plothole much? And I guess Victor getting the tear of gold didn't make him any less of a jerk, but I still think his character is a great inclusion to this show.

    Amber and Alfie's still cute, and Patricia needs to get off her period with the whole KT/Eddie crap. And I hope just because Jerome's dating Mara that he doesn't get blocked out from getting involved in this 3rd mystery, they always get better when he joins in.
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