An Interview With David Feiss

Keith Jones: When were you born?

David Feiss: April 16th, 1959. I'm 42 years old.

KJ: What do you remember from your childhood?

DF: Cartoons dominate my childhood mostly.

KJ: How did you first get into cartoons and animation?

DF: When I was around 13 I started getting into animation.

KJ: What obstacles did you face when first trying to get a job in animation?

DF: Well there weren't really many obstacles at all. Luckly I was hired right out of high school to Hanna Barberra.

KJ: Did you receive any education in art/drawing/animation?

DF: No, I was hired right out of High School.

KJ: You've made a few comic appearances such as Mumbler, Maxx #30 and various Cow and Chicken covers, would you ever consider working in comics more often?

DF: Sure I would, if I had the opportunity.

KJ: What do you enjoy most out of making cartoons?

DF: I really like seeing people laugh and making people laugh.

KJ: Can you name some of your influences?

DF: Well, as far as cartoons go, the Warner Bros cartoons of the 1940s; chuck jones, bob clampett, tex avery.

KJ: When do you get your ideas for shows and stories

DF: I get a lot of ideas from my childhood, and also from my kids, and abstract ideas I just think of.

KJ: Of all the projects you've worked on, which of those are you most proud of?

DF: Cow and Chicken and I am Weasel

KJ: What is your opinion on the recent degrading in animation?

DF: Well its hard to say, I saw Shrek the other day and I thought it was dynamite, with the computer animation.

KJ: When working for a big network like Cartoon Network, Do you find it hard to bring out your own ideas?

DF: No, they were pretty cool about letting me use my own ideas.

KJ: What are your current projects?

DF: Well I have 3 shows in development, but I'm not working on a series right now, I'm doing freelance work. But I do have a commercial deal with Wild Brain, two of which are out. Frito-lay was really pleased with how the commercials turned out and they would like to do more.

KJ: What would you be doing had you not ventured into animation?

DF: I really don't know. I would probably be doing illustration. I don't see myself working outside of the art field.

KJ: If you could be President for a day, what would you do?

DF: I don't know. I'd really like to say something witty and intelligent here but theres just so many problems. I would clean up the beuacracy and red tape and garbage in Washington though.

Source: iamweasel_1999 on Geocities (Now defunct)