magoo  magoo and gerald It was Mr. Magoo, intoduced in 1949's Ragtime Bear, that gave UPA (United Productions of America) its first popular success.   But it would be Gerald McBoing Boing, completed in 1950 and released in January 1951 that would solidify the studio's reputation.   Gerald McBoing Boing is simple but highly stylized with bold line drawings, understated motion, striking color and airy design.   It was a major departure from the classic Disney, Warners and MGM cartoons of the day.

Gerald McBoing Boing won an Oscar and was greeted with many accolades upon it's debut that resounded for several years and paved the way for other UPA endeavors.   Bobe Cannon directed three follow-ups for UPA: Gerald McBoing Boing's Symphony (1953), How Now Boing Boing (1954), and Gerald McBoing Boing on the Planet Moo (1955), which was nominated for an Oscar. Gerald would also co-star with Magoo on TV in Magoo Meets McBoing Boing (1961) and again in Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (1962).

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